One on One sessions...

Individual in home physical therapy sessions

With the current world situation, and COVID-19 scare, Kelly is still offering one on one sessions, but it is highly recommended that these sessions be done via telehealth. If it is indicated, Kelly will see clients in person with a strong recommendation to do that session in her office on New LaGrange Rd. Keeping all families as safe as possible and decreasing all exposures is the most important thing right now. All one on one sessions, whether in person or telehealth will have individualized recommendations for you and your baby's needs. We will establish goals and work together to determine an individualized, appropriate, evidence based plan of care to achieve those goals in the shortest timeline possible. There will be a home program provided to the family and caregivers at each session. Sessions will be individualized based on needs, but will generally run 45-60 minutes per session. 

Who would benefit from individual physical therapy sessions? 


If there is concern or your baby has received a diagnosis of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) or torticollis (tight neck muscles) then a private session is recommended. Other times your baby may benefit most from a private session include times to fit your schedule or needs, if your baby has missed or is delayed in several gross motor skills, or if you would simply prefer a private session to allow time to keep your treatment as individualized as possible and allow Kelly to answer all your questions privately. If your baby is working on latch or feeding issues, is recovering from a tie revision, or "hates" tummy time, let's chat before you register for anything! A class may be more appropriate for your baby. You can always reach out to me through email at or calling 502-727-0271. 

How to schedule

Kelly is able to schedule based on individual's availability, including some evening and weekend appointments. Please contact Kelly directly to schedule, at 502-727-0271 or through email at




Individual in home initial assessment: $160 paid prior to or at time services are rendered

Individual in home follow up treatment: $110 per session paid prior to or at time services are rendered

Telehealth Visit: $80 per 45 minute session, paid prior to or at time services are rendered

Phone or online follow up consultation: $45 for 30 minute session paid prior to or at time services are rendered. *Initial phone consultations are free as we discuss your needs and situation*

**Kremer Physical Therapy is able to process Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flex Spending Accounts (FSA), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) for in home sessions. We will provide necessary paperwork and instructions to file your own insurance upon request as well. **

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