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What does physical therapy for my baby or young child look like? 

Our sessions are so fun and it our goal to always make sure babies and children are having as much fun as possible within our sessions, while still working hard! Depending on individual needs, there could be everything from stretching to strengthening to education for families and caregivers, and everything in between. You will find that our sessions often look like play, but it is play with a purpose. The staff of Kremer Physical Therapy have special training on how to effectively incorporate function into play and how to hold and move your baby or child to maximize the benefits of the session! And, by the end of the session, YOU will feel confident in doing that too! 

How soon can we be seen? 

 Kremer Physical Therapy works very hard at making sure we are able to serve our clients quickly! Unlike many clinics in the area, we strive to be able to offer a session to you within 2 weeks of your initial communication to us and we work hard to accommodate everyone's busy schedules! 

Is is normal for my baby to have a flat head? 

There is a big difference in what is "normal" and what is "typical". Although it can be common for babies to have some flattening or asymmetry to their head shapes in today's society, this is not ideal for development! It is common for a baby who has some flattening or asymmetry happening on their head to also have underlying weakness or muscle asymmetry as well. This could lead to delayed, missed, or atypical gross motor skills. As part of our initial assessment, we will use a caliper to measure your baby's head shape as well as assess their muscle development and use. With this information, we will be able to determine the severity of all of these things and discuss and plan an individualized and effective plan of care to address everything! 

Is it normal for my baby to always turn or tilt to one direction? 

At a certain point in development, early on, we like to see babies be able to move and position their head and neck freely, without restriction, and in various positions comfortably. If you notice that your baby has a favorite side or position, it may be best to get some guidance on what is going on and how you can help your baby have better freedom of movement! Reach out! We can help! 

Will physical therapy for my baby or child hurt or make them cry? 

Physical Therapy is hard work, no matter the age of the patient. It is never our goal to make a kiddo cry. In fact, quite the opposite! We want a our clients to look forward to coming to play at therapy! It is so much more effective that way! However, we work on hard things and ask our patients to do alot of work when they come in. Sometimes, when we hit a point of fatigue or frustration, there are tears. But, we snuggle and eat and play to recover. I never recommend stretching or tummy time to the point of tears. If you are seeing that, let's change something up....quickly! 

How do I pay for services? 

Kremer Physical Therapy gladly accepts credit cards and Venmo payments 

Can I use my insurance? 

Kremer Physical Therapy is an out of network physical therapy provider. We accept Health Savings and Flex Spending Account cards as well as other credit cards and venmo. We also provide every client with an itemized and detailed paid invoice statements that come to your email monthly. These invoices could be used to turn in to your insurance company if you chose. We will support you in this journey, but are unable to process them on our end. 

How do I schedule? 

We can't wait to see you! You can call or text Kelly directly, at 502-727-0271 for the fastest response. You can also email Kelly at

Where can our sessions take place? 

We are able to provide in home services at your home or in office services at our location at 7980 New LaGrange Rd, Building 7, Suite 7. When looking for our office, look for the name "Jennifer Sanders" over the door. We can also be booked at your child's school (with the school's permission and coordination) or local playgrounds as well! 

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