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Kremer Physical Therapy Groups

Since 2013, Kelly Kremer has been out in the community, supporting parents in the community as they embark on the journey of parenthood, whether it is the first time or the 8th time! She has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the parents she has worked with grow in confidence in how to interact with their baby in the best developmental way possible! Not only does she see stress diminish, but she has also seen relationships improve between parents and babies AND parents themselves! When you can truly ENJOY your baby and not have as much worry in the back of your mind, your life changes! Kelly has loved being a part of that for so many families! 

Kremer Physical Therapy now offers a wide variety of classes on a rotating basis. From preparing for the birth of your baby so you know what to do in those early weeks, to playing with your toddler with a purpose of helping stimulate their cognitive and physical development, there is something for everyone! 

Here is what you can expect with EACH class: 

  • An evidence based discussion on best practices for infant and toddler development

  • A smiling and welcoming face and atmosphere

  • To walk away with real, tangible practices that you can put into place in your home RIGHT AWAY

  • No judgement on parenting decisions! Your family is your family and I foster an environment and community where we come together to celebrate and support differences anyone has from anyone else. No judgement allowed! 

  • Lots of hands on practice with your baby or toddler in group as supervised and directed by Kelly so that you feel empowered and ready to start these practices at home! 

Upcoming 2024 Baby Class Schedule: 

**all classes held at Kremer Physical Therapy offices at 9302 New LaGrange Rd, Suite C 

  • Saturday January 20th 9-10:30am

  • Saturday February 24th 9-10:30am

  • Saturday March 23rd 9-10:30am

**Call, text, or email Dr. Kremer to hold your spot! (502-727-0271, **​


This group is specially designed for babies and caregivers 0-6 months old, or not yet mobile. In this class, we will practice hands on learning and exploring of ways to help your baby feel comfortable in tummy time, reduce gas, reflux, and fussiness, and mastering ways to play and interact with your new baby to help stimulate their development from early on. We will also ... Continue reading 


This is the perfect group for ages 1-3 who are independently walking and ready to start exploring their world! In this class, we will focus on the development of motor skills in the early walker, fine motor skills, and sensory integration techniques. Parents will receive education on milestones, timelines, and what they can do at home to help stimulate the learning and development of their toddlers. Continue reading 


In this group, we will discuss all the milestones that happen in the first year, with focus on the ages 6-12 months. Parents will walk away with confidence in knowing each milestone, their timing, tools to help their baby achieve each one and what to do if one is delayed or absent. We will also have in depth discussions on device and toy use and selection and how to properly wear your baby. Continue reading


This 2 hour seminar, designed by Kelly Kremer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, is perfect for the expecting parents or the parents with a newborn or young infant! We will discuss the early development of your baby and ways to start your baby on the path to optimal development from birth and soon after! Topics we will discuss include...Continue reading

Questions about the group or which one would be best suited for you? Contact Kelly Kremer directly:

           Call Kelly: 502-727-0271

           Email Kelly:

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