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"Kelly helps parents build confidence with all aspects of infant development. Her strategies improve breastfeeding and overall infant health. Mostly, she is a kind and informative practitioner whose infectious smile makes my patients feel comfortable learning how they can help their babies" Ashley Benz, IBCLC  (

"Kelly has been visiting my groups for new mothers since 2013. She is always professional and up to date on what the latest evidence says about treating babies with torticollis and plagiocephaly and promoting typical development in newborns and infants. She makes a connection with every mother she meets in my groups. She puts new moms at ease with her caring nature and compassionate spirit."  Angela Garvin, Birth Louisville (

"Kelly was a Godsend in our family both for our son and us as parents! She helped ease our concerns with our son's delays but taught us skills to use at home to help him progress. Kelly allowed us to watch her work with our son during his sessions, giving us opportunities to learn skills and strategies to best support our son's physical growth. She explained each exercise, demonstrated it and informed us how the particular skill would help him achieve his overall goals of rolling, crawling, and walking. Don't hesitate to ask her questions or contact her between sessions. Now, with our second son, we were able to see how many of these same milestones occurred naturally, or subtly encourage his progress by "playing games". Kelly is a natural with kids, as she is nurturing and fun with specific goals in mind!" Ryan and Kelly T. 

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kelly and the many ways she helped our family. We were referred to Kelly when my son was 2 months old and still having a lot of difficulty nursing. Kelly was warm, reassuring, and so good with our little boy. As he got older, he would light up when he saw Kelly! As an anxious new mom, I had a lot of questions and fears, but she was so patient and understanding. Kelly is very knowledgeable and supportive-I always left our appointments feeling hopeful, with concrete steps I could take to help my son. I am so grateful that she was able to help him become the happy, healthy, little busy bee that he is now (although I am sad that his improvements mean we don't get to see Kelly anymore, because she is just the best)! I would recommend Kelly in a heartbeat!" Cassie D. 

"We have used Kelly for both of our boys as infants. When our second was showing signs of possible torticollis just like our first, we immediately called up Kelly. She is amazing with kids and always meets them on their level. She was always so helpful and reassuring, working with us in and out of appointments, talking through home exercises, and just getting to know us. I cannot recommend Kelly enough!" Sara G. 

"Kelly was a guest at the New Mom’s group that I had been attending. She joined that day to share knowledge about infant motor skills, strengthening neck muscles, and what to be aware of as your infant develops. I had begun to notice that our son had a tendency to favor one side. From what I can recall it was mostly during sleep and when trying to turn his head to look at something. After an evaluation and recommendation from Kelly, we began physical therapy for torticollis. Kelly was so kind to explain the condition and how physical therapy could assist in correcting the condition. She continued to reassure us when we were nervous that the progress wasn’t quick enough or significant enough (in our eyes). She let me record her working with our son so that we could continue the exercises at home. Kelly also gave us a recommendation when our son’s head shape needed to be addressed. Kelly’s tender heart and professionalism made the entire journey! As a first time mom I was worried and anxious, but Kelly kept us on our path and we are so thrilled with the outcome!" Christy F. 

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