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Older Baby Development Class (Crawling to walking)  

In this class, we will explore the various gross motor milestones within the first year, and what parents can and should do at home to facilitate their baby's early development. Participants will walk away with confidence in knowing the typical timeline for these milestones and have a great knowledge base on how to help their babies achieve these milestones and why they are so important! Families will also feel empowered to teach any caregivers the methods of achieving these milestones. We will also answer questions on what to do if a milestone is delayed, and any red flags to look out for with development. Crawling is one of the milestones we will focus on because it is such an important milestone!  We will also explore devices and containers, toys, babywearing, car seat safety, and get hands on practice on how to set up your house or caregiver's area to promote fun, age appropriate, developmentally stimulating, exploration environments for your baby!

This is THE class you want to learn all the things about your baby as they begin their mobility in the first year! This is a single class experience with baby and 1-2 caregivers. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate siblings at this time. Class topics will be based on what the group wants to learn most and could include any of the above mentioned topics or others!  Friends are welcome to sign up for more than one class to ensure learning of all the topics. Per class rate is $35/class. 


Upcoming 2024 Baby Class Schedule: 

**all classes held at Kremer Physical Therapy offices at 9302 New LaGrange Rd, Suite C 

  • Saturday January 20th 9-10:30am

  • Saturday February 24th 9-10:30am

  • Saturday March 23rd 9-10:30am

**Call, text, or email Dr. Kremer to hold your spot! (502-727-0271,**​

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