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​Young Baby Development Class (Newborn to 6 months old) 

This class is PERFECT for ages newborn to around 6 months old, or babies not yet mobile. This is an interactive and hands on class that utilizes and teaches the TummyTime! Method (more info here) to help ease the concerns on how to best promote your baby to optimal development in the first few months of life.


In this class, we will address:

  • How to have a happy baby and caregiver during tummy time

  • Lots of hands on work in facilitating your baby's ease in tummy time

  • How to happily achieve the desired 30-90 minutes of wakeful tummy time per day

  • Ways to decrease reflux

  • What typical milestones we are looking for and their timing

  • How to facilitate milestone achievement

  • The importance of movement for babies and how to incorporate this

  • Toy selection for your baby

  • Car seat safety

  • Which devices are beneficial for your baby and which ones to avoid

  • Tips for wearing your baby

  • Baby massage 

  • Protocols for tongue/lip/buccal tie revisions

  • Any other concerns YOU want to discuss! 


You will get lots of experience in assisting your baby on successful and enjoyable time with tummy time play without stress and you will grow in confidence in working on this skill with your baby.  The main goal of this class is to help you grow in your knowledge and confidence to optimize your baby's development in the 4th trimester, and to help your baby thrive during the first months of life! This class will incorporate perfecting the internationally recognized and clinically proven method to approach tummy time, the TummyTime! Method.


This is THE class you want to learn all the things about your baby as they begin their journey earthside! This is a single class experience with baby and 1-2 caregivers. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate siblings at this time. Class topics will be based on what the group wants to learn most and could include any of the above mentioned topics or others!  Friends are welcome to sign up for more than one class to ensure learning of all the topics. Per class rate is $35/class. 


Upcoming 2024 Baby Class Schedule: 

**all classes held at Kremer Physical Therapy offices at 9302 New LaGrange Rd, Suite C 

  • Saturday January 20th 9-10:30am

  • Saturday February 24th 9-10:30am

  • Saturday March 23rd 9-10:30am

**Call, text, or email Dr. Kremer to hold your spot! (502-727-0271,**​


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